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DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

Fairy Garden Video

Fairy Garden Supply List

I haven’t tried buying plants online yet, but I thought I’d provide these sources because some of you might not have easy access to fairy garden plants. Before buying online, I’d suggest calling a few local garden centers first.  You might be pleasantly surprised to find a local source for these lovely plants.

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How to Make a Fairy Door

Of all the trees in the enchanted field, there was one that was more magical than most.  Have you ever wanted to make a fairy door for a tree in the garden?  This video tutorial explains how to make a fairy door with natural materials and polymer clay.  Enjoy!

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DIY Stone Fairy Necklace

If you’re inspired by nature and you love the feel of clay in your hands, you’ll want to check out this polymer clay fairy necklace video tutorial.  Use the techniques explained in the video for all kinds of different faux stone polymer clay jewelry designs.

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DIY Acorn Tea Set

Have you ever looked at an acorn and wondered what you could make out of it? I think this very thought a lot.  It’s probably a very strange thing to think so often, but I wouldn’t know how strange since I’m so used to me.  Let’s get busy and make an acorn tea set. While we’re at it, let’s make some miniature chocolate cookies and set them on little leaf plates. Get out your acorns and your polymer clay.

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Muggle & Magical Mushrooms

There is are muggle mushrooms, then there are also magical mushrooms.  Learn how to make both types of toadstool mushrooms for your fairy garden.  If you don’t have mushrooms in your fairy garden display, you’re seriously slacking off. This tutorial is strong with nonsense, so I hope you’ll check it out.

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DIY Rocks & Clay Fairy Furniture

This is a two part tutorial.  Here’s Part 1…
…and here’s Part 2…

If only my house plant had a little fairy love seat, the fairies could tip-toe through the mossy brush and sit on the little seat, stare into each other’s eyes, and fall in love. And so I envisioned fairy furniture featuring sculpted heads, a fairy man and a fairy woman, with closed eyes, one dreaming of the other.

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Doll Makers Need Fashion History

Why Fashion History for the Doll Maker?

So I know what you’re thinking “why all the focus on fashion history?  I’m a doll maker, not a costume seamstress!” (I captured that sentence from your thought bubble, that’s how I know your thoughts. Creepy, right?).

Because you’ve got to know a basic understanding of fashion history to know how to begin designing a dress for your fairy tale doll. Even if you plan to take artistic license while designing a dress, you’ll be at the top of your creative game if you know when you’re doing your own thing.

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On Sculpting a Doll Head


Doll Head Armature
Doll Head Armature

The Basics of Sculpting a Doll Head

I like to start with a tin foil ball, basically the doll “brains”, and then wrap a thin layer of clay on that and bake it. This creates a “skull”, of sorts, which makes everything else easier. I put a new layer of clay over the baked ball, which you might call the “skin”, and then I get to work sculpting.

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What it Takes to Sculpt Hands in Clay

Mermaid Bather
Hands are so detailed.

You’ve got 5 tentacley things with three bends in each, and a little dab of nail at the tips. These details create havoc for the sculptor. Especially for the dollhouse doll sculptor working in 1:12 scale.

Squish it & Start Over

Sometimes I can sculpt a good looking hand in 45 minutes, and sometimes, well, honestly, many times, it can take me 2 hours and, in the end, I just squish it and start all over.

This is frustrating, but the artist knows that’s just all part of the journey because you do end up getting it eventually.

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