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Miniature Polymer Clay S’mores


Polymer Clay S’mores Tutorial Show Notes

(with video time stamps… because I love you guys and you deserve it, darn it.)

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links. I use Amazon links for two reasons. 1. I get free reference photos, which, I feel, is valuable content for you. 2. I love the convenience Amazon offers and I personally buy the bulk of my art supplies there. I only list it if I like it, and I let you know if I haven’t tried something first myself.

The Magic Marshmallows

(Find it in the video at 2:12)

Corn Starch Commentary

If you’re like me, you’re going to love using the corn starch. What is so delightful is that you sprinkle a bit of corn starch on your clay marshmallows, which takes two seconds, and you get an immediate realistic look.

Sprinkling corn starch onto your clay marshmallows looks like real powdered sugar that is sprinkled onto real marshmallows, as seen here…

Homemade marshmallow loaf
This is a homemade marshmallow loaf in real life (yes, there is life beyond polymer clay)

Immediate realism never happens, at least not in my world. Usually I must strive and strain for realism in my minis, so immediate satisfaction with just a little cornstarch is a welcomed event in my life. And as a bonus, the corn starch also works to prevent lint and fingerprints from showing up on your vulnerable white clay.

White Clay Warning

Which reminds me, I must warn you about your choice of white polymer clay.

If it is at all in your power, please avoid using the Original Sculpey that you can find at Walmart. It’s much too soft for the average adult of sound mind.

I know it’s tempting because it’s so amazingly cheap, but just don’t. Actually, go ahead and buy it, but then give it to the kiddos in your life. It’s an awesome product for anyone under 4 feet.[spacer height=”-20px” id=”2″]

Consider yourself warned.

A better choice for you would be Fimo Professional or Premo or Sculpey III white.

The Glorious Graham Crackers

(Find it in the video here: 2:39)

Template Tips

I use a quad rule paper pad for drawing out my minis to the 1:12 scale because it makes life easy. I’m a mom of four, so I need easy. If you don’t use a template, your graham crackers, and your chocolate bars, will be all sorts of interesting sizes. Variety may be the spice of life, but it’s the bane of the miniaturist making a batch of S’mores (strange saying).

Graham Cracker Color Clues

I used the light flesh colored ProSculpt Polymer Clay for the graham crackers, but that was mainly because I had it lying around. You may want to pick a light tan color.

I use this set of Rembrandt Soft Pastels to color the graham crackers. The set has served me well.

I highly suggest playing around with the coloring a bit before making 50 bazillion graham crackers. And bake your testers before making your final decision about what colors you want to use. The color looks much less brilliant after baking.

Putting the S’more Together

(Find it in the video here: 3:28)

Chocolate Clay Comment

For the chocolate, I used brown clay from the Sculpey III pack. I believe the name for that clay color is “chocolate” (how convenient).

Tweezers Tips & Tricks

I use tweezers to plop the various S’mores ingredients on top of each other. Let’s all pause for a moment to think about this. Tweezers are our friends. They sit around all day just waiting to be used, and do we use them enough? No, certainly not. How often have you worked with your miniatures, whether creating them or setting them up, and left your tweezers in the drawer? Meanwhile, things don’t go your way, and the little things you are trying to conquer keep escaping from your grasp. Your frustration builds until you have the false notion that miniatures are just too tedious and you ought to go mow your lawn. Nonsense! Don’t mow your lawn–simply get out your tweezers instead.

If you like cheap tweezers because you lose them as often as your 12-year-old asks for a kitten, then meet your new friends:

If you’re into expensive tweezers, I can’t help you. These tweezers do bend under too much pressure (kind of like me), but they’re great for most jobs and when you lose them you won’t start yelling at people.

Miniature Food Packaging

(Find it in the video here: 4:23)

Marshmallow Bag Musings

For the plastic, I just used a little zip lock bag that is normally used for jewelry. You could use a sandwich zip lock and just fuse two sides of it.  Remember to sand your plastic before attempting to paint it. It adheres so much better. I use a fine grit sand paper and just spend some quality time with it making little circular motions. Well, it probably doesn’t matter if the motions are circular; the point is to sand carefully so you don’t sand right through the plastic.

Did you notice my disturbing glue gun in the video? It’s my 10-year-old’s. Technically it’s mine, but she uses it all the time, so we just say it’s hers. I wish I could show it to you in all it’s glory, but it found a home in the trash, probably in a land fill by now. I did go out and buy another one after putting the video together, so next time I need a glue gun for a video, I will look incredibly professional (winky face). I bought two, one for professional little ol’ me, and one for my daughter.  My daughter promptly painted hers a lovely light teal, and wouldn’t you agree, glue guns look better in teal?

glue gun glory
Glue guns look better in teal

If you really want to paint your own mini food packaging, be prepared to go over the lettering again and again because you won’t get it right the first round. If you just accept that as part of the process, it’s not frustrating.

I just use acrylic paint for crafters. Brand doesn’t matter but here’s what I use:

Deep Thoughts Regarding the Miniature Graham Cracker Box

Sorry guys, still don’t have that graham cracker box template up. I want to provide a nice one. I just made a quick one, and then promptly lost it, so I’ve got to draw out another one for you guys. Graham cracker box templates for dollhouses aren’t easy to find online, actually. I know. I looked, and looked, and looked. Ended up thinking I could have drawn out my own ten times over after looking online so long. So I’ll provide one for you guys because time is money, people (whoa, where’d that come from?).

I use Beacon’s Fabri-Tac, or 3-in-1 when gluing mini boxes, or when gluing just about anything.

I have a suspicion that Fabri-tac and 3-in-1 are actually the same glue formula, they’re just branding it differently. And by all means, because you can use this amazing glue for just about anything, be it fabric or anything else. They need to let the world know, so, I think, they’re using the same glue with two different names. Correct me if I’m wrong.  I only know Fabri-Tac and 3-in-1 looks, feels, and acts like they’re the same thing. And, may I point out, both names use hyphens. If this isn’t a conspiracy, I don’t know what is.

OK, seriously, I love this glue. If you’ve been following me for long, you already know this well. The dollmaker has so much power with this glue. Think of it like Batman with his gadgets.

Dollmaker + Beacon Glue = Batman + Gadgets

What’s so nice about it is that it isn’t messy. You can hide it so incredibly easily. One of these days I’ll show you what I mean in a video, but until then, just trust me on this one.

Miiniature Polymer Clay Smores for Fairies


I have not uploaded the graham cracker box template yet

Polymer Clay S’mores Printable Supply List




with love, Caroline

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