How to Sculpt a Face, Extended Version

Now, to finish the head…

Supply List

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  • ProSculpt Polymer Clay, I use Light but they have a variety of skin tones.
  • Organic Egg (just kidding)
  • A Ruler (Helpful for your sketch to decide on your scale and proportions)
  • Something to Sculpt On.

doll sculptingIn the video, you’ll see I’m sculpting on some wooden thingy.  Well, that’s a decorative piece of my dining room table.  I’m not kidding.  It has the perfect shape for my hand, so it’s super comfy to hold. That’s all you need. just something comfy to hold…wooden, plastic, whatever.  A lot of doll makers sculpt on a tile, but that’s harder to hold, IMHO.  You can take your sculpture off the thing you’re holding before baking, so it really doesn’t matter… just something comfy to hold, like a decorative piece of your dining room table. ;)

I use item #262, #263, & #264.  Just a heads up, these guys come with a really annoying store tag sticker on the tool.  I really wish they wouldn’t do that because you have to use soap and water to scrap off the sticker.  Annoying.  However, I love the tools, and if you’re going to hand sculpt a doll, well, you’ve probably got the patience to scrap off store tags. And if you don’t have the patience to scrap off store tags, what are you doing trying to sculpt a doll?  Consider yourself warned.

I don’t recall where I bought this tool, and I’m finding it very difficult to locate it online.  I really wish I could find a source for you because I use this tool a lot.  I’m finding a lot of rubber tipped tools with pointy tips, it’s just hard to find one with more of a blunt tip.  So here’s a link to the closest thing I could find.

fairy doll earI like a small ball stylus sculpting tool for the ears, though I’m sure you could get along just fine without.

  • Gum Stimulator (fine tipped rubber dental tool)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (from your local drug store)
  • A Small Paint Brush (to brush on the rubbing alcohol as a final step)
  • Clay Cutting Blade (to take the face off the comfy thingy your sculpting it on)