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Free Lessons on Sculpting a Mermaid

Make a Mermaid that Comes to Life!

I can’t wait to give you guys the first 8 lessons about how to sculpt the face, from start to finish, for free.

And, after signing up for my newsletter, you will have access to 2 more  free lessons, How to Make the Armature and How to Sculpt the Belly, for a total of 10 free lessons.

I’m also offering my newsletter subscribers 30% off. The full course is packed with nearly 3 hours (177 minutes) of downloadable video instruction that’s broken into 33 bite-sized lessons. I take you through the entire process of making your own mermaid resting in her seashell bath.

(Or, bypass the newsletter and get straight into 8 free lessons here –but then you’ll miss out on the 2 additional free lessons & the coupon.)

After signing up for my newsletter, wait a few minutes and then be sure to check your email.  You’ll receive a welcome email with INSTANT access to your 10 free lessons and a 30% off coupon code just for my newsletter subscribers. If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, check your email for my latest update. 😉
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