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DIY Fairy Art Doll

fairy doll ear

I almost stepped on a fairy in the forest today. Shh… secret here… I actually sculpted her out of polymer clay, and it was great fun.  I show you exactly how to sculpt the head of this fairy, and I’ve listed my tools here, so you can try it for yourself.

Visit Caroline’s Doll Academy for the 20 minute version of How to Sculpt a Doll Face, available for $10.

Supply List

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links. I only list it if I like it, and I let you know if I haven’t tried something first myself.
  • ProSculpt Polymer Clay, I use Light but they have a variety of skin tones.
  • Organic Egg (just kidding)
  • A Ruler (Helpful for your sketch to decide on your scale and proportions)
  • Something to Sculpt On.

doll sculptingIn the video, you’ll see I’m sculpting on some wooden thingy.  Well, that’s a decorative piece of my dining room table.  I’m not kidding.  It has the perfect shape for my hand, so it’s super comfy to hold. That’s all you need. just something comfy to hold…wooden, plastic, whatever.  A lot of doll makers sculpt on a tile, but that’s harder to hold, IMHO.  You can take your sculpture off the thing you’re holding before baking, so it really doesn’t matter… just something comfy to hold, like a decorative piece of your dining room table. ;)

I use item #262, #263, & #264.  Just a heads up, these guys come with a really annoying store tag sticker on the tool.  I really wish they wouldn’t do that because you have to use soap and water to scrap off the sticker.  Annoying.  However, I love the tools, and if you’re going to hand sculpt a doll, well, you’ve probably got the patience to scrap off store tags. And if you don’t have the patience to scrap off store tags, what are you doing trying to sculpt a doll?  Consider yourself warned.

I don’t recall where I bought this tool, and I’m finding it very difficult to locate it online.  I really wish I could find a source for you because I use this tool a lot.  I’m finding a lot of rubber tipped tools with pointy tips, it’s just hard to find one with more of a blunt tip.  So here’s a link to the closest thing I could find.

fairy doll earI like a small ball stylus sculpting tool for the ears, though I’m sure you could get along just fine without.

  • Gum Stimulator (fine tipped rubber dental tool)
  • Rubbing Alcohol (from your local drug store)
  • A Small Paint Brush (to brush on the rubbing alcohol as a final step)
  • Clay Cutting Blade (to take the face off the comfy thingy your sculpting it on)

Video Time Stamps for Your Convenience

Part 1 – How to Sculpt the Face

1:06 Basic Proportions
1:17 Vertical line down middle, horizontal line across middle
1:22 Horizontal line is for the eyes
1:25 Draw short line in the middle of lower half
1:37 This marks the bottom of the lip, move up a bit for opeing of mouth
1:45 Ears go between the eyes and tip of the nose
1:53 Divide middle horizontal line into fifths, from ear to ear
2:08 Eyes will go here and here
2:25 Start with a Sketch
2:38 Draw basic proportions on face
2:42 Smooth out eye sockets
2:58 Use internet for reference pictures
3:05 Indent around nose a bit
3:28 Refine nose with rubber tipped tool
3:39 Watch all angles throughout sculpting process
3:45 Use dental tool around the nose, get thickness right
3:56 Sculpting the Eyes
3:56 Bake little ball of clay & cut in half
4:06 Add thin strips of clay for upper and lower lids & smooth out
4:31 Sculpting the Lips
4:41 Make opening with knife
4:46 Make indents in corners then pull clay down
4:51 Finishing Touches
4:55 Make very light as you finish refining and smoothing

Part 2 – How to Sculpt Ears

0:57 Brush in rubbing alcohol to smooth out face
1:01 Slide face off
1:04 Bake face
1:04 Make oval ball of tin foil with flat side, add clay to it
1:13 Joining Face to HeadSkull Profile Proportions
1:30 Place face onto ball & add strip of clay
1:33 Leave some room for a final strip of clay
1:39 Bake
1:39 Smooth in a final strip of clay
1:49 Bake
1:49 Sand
1:55 Sculpting the Ears
1:57 Skull /ear relationship
2:16 Helix
2:24 Concha cavum, triangular fossa, concha cymba
2:43 Smooth out ears
3:02 Antitragus/tragus nonsense
3:30 Bake
3:30 Sculpt other ear
3:30 Bake
3:34 Other Videos

Visit Caroline’s Doll Academy for the 20 minute version of How to Sculpt a Doll Face, available for $10.

with love, Caroline

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7 thoughts on “DIY Fairy Art Doll

  1. Amazing!

    1. Thank you Ana!!!

  2. Your dolls are so cute. I love watching your videos and they are very helpful. I love the freckles on the dolls. How do you the freckles? I would like to try putting them on a doll I make. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Laurel, thanks for the compliment. I make the freckles by thinning out my paint and spraying them on with a toothbrush. You’ve got to try it on a test paper first, but once you get the paint consistency correct, it’s pretty easy. Sorry for the late reply!

  3. Aaa your tutorials are wonderful, I was thinking of taking up polymer clay and your videos are really helpful, thank you so much 😀

  4. I really appreciate the tutorials and the time you take to give step by step instructions. You are an inspiration to me me and many others.

    1. Bless your heart, Lenora! How incredibly encouraging to read. Thank you so much.

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