Free Lessons on Sculpting a Mermaid

    Make a Mermaid that Comes to Life!

    I can't wait to give you guys the first 8 lessons about how to sculpt the face, from start to finish, for free.

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    Working Miniature Lantern

    On the corner of Chive Ave and Daisy Lane, where the chives do not blossom, and the daisies do not dance, there's an old street light that tells the tale of the wayward bunny witch. This story, and the projects that go with it, will be continued. In Part 1, I go over how to make a miniature lantern. and in part 2 I cover how to make the stand.

    Put them together and you'll have your own kinda creepy-weird, all-be-it working, miniature street light. Cons: you will have a kinda creepy-weird miniature street light. Pros: you will have a kinda creepy-weird miniature street light. Since the pro-con scale is about equal you might as well get going and make the thing.  This is what you'll need...

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    Miniature Basket Weaving

    Have you always dreamed of someday learning miniature basket weaving? Do you often think (and sometimes mention out loud),
    "I hope to be just like all the other miniature basket weavers I know, for they are strong of heart, and sound of mind".  Have you had sleepless nights because you don't know the basics of how to make a basket for a doll?  Well, it's time to end all this needless envy and worry right now and learn this important life skill.

    I laughed at that thought the other day as my fingers whirled around 2 inch cake paste wire with looping hemp cord (don't ask me how cake paste wire is actually suppose to be used) and my mind was entirely engrossed in my strange miniature obsession.  We mini makers are quite the unique bunch, aren't we? 🙂

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    How Many Hours Does it Take to Make an Art Doll?

    Question: How many hours does it take to make one doll? What if someone asked you to make 10 of them and happy to pay you? Would you make each doll individually or are there ways to use one doll as a master mold and multiply somehow?  Question is from a YouTuber going by the name Super Kitty Show.

    That's a great question. Art dolls are incredibly time consuming. Even though they're expensive, once you add up all the time, the hourly rate usually isn't impressive. I make dolls because I'd make them even if I wasn't getting paid, so it's just a bonus that there are people out there that are willing to support my work. Really famous art doll artists are able to charge huge amounts for their dolls, so it's also nice to know as the doll artist improves their skill and continues with their promoting efforts, they have the potential to make a really comfortable living just making dolls all day. Ooh, that sounds good, doesn't it?

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    Miniature Polymer Clay S'mores


    Polymer Clay S'mores Tutorial Show Notes

    (with video time stamps... because I love you guys and you deserve it, darn it.)

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    Miniature Pumpkin Soup

    Miniature Pumpkin Soup for Fairies

    Just a list of supplies for the mini pumpkin soup scene. I usually annotate these lists with my experiences using the products, but I wanted to get this one out to you as fast as possible, so here you go! 🙂

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    DIY Fairy Art Doll

    I almost stepped on a fairy in the forest today. Shh... secret here... I actually sculpted her out of polymer clay, and it was great fun.  I show you exactly how to sculpt the head of this fairy, and I've listed my tools here, so you can try it for yourself.

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    DIY Fairy Wings for Dolls or Jewelry

    If you've ever found a dead cicada on a nature walk, and wondered what to do with it, I've got the answer for you.  Make fairy wings of course! (I have a feeling you knew I was going to say that). But you don't need a dead insect. For those who are squeamish, or if you just don't have a dead cicada or dragonfly, use transparency print out of insect wings.

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    DIY Mermaid Art Doll

    I found a little mermaid in a sea shell on the beach!  (Ok, not really, but that'd be pretty cool).  If you'd like to try making your own mermaid art doll, but you're not sure where to start, you really need to watch this tutorial series.  This project is for both beginning and advanced doll making students.  There are a few hacks you can do to make the project easier than it looks, and I go over these hacks in the video.

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    Miniature Topiary for a Fairy

    Miniature Topiary Quick Supply List

    I'm going to quickly list each supply for you to copy and paste into Notepad, and then I'll expound upon the wonders of each supply & link to each supply so you can get a good idea of what I'm talking about. Alternatively, you can print the entire post by clicking the printer icon below.

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    DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

    Fairy Garden Supply List

    I haven't tried buying plants online yet, but I thought I'd provide these sources because some of you might not have easy access to fairy garden plants. Before buying online, I'd suggest calling a few local garden centers first.  You might be pleasantly surprised to find a local source for these lovely plants.

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    How to Make a Fairy Door

    Of all the trees in the enchanted field, there was one that was more magical than most.  Have you ever wanted to make a fairy door for a tree in the garden?  This video tutorial explains how to make a fairy door with natural materials and polymer clay.  Enjoy!

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    DIY Stone Fairy Necklace

    If you're inspired by nature and you love the feel of clay in your hands, you'll want to check out this polymer clay fairy necklace video tutorial.  Use the techniques explained in the video for all kinds of different faux stone polymer clay jewelry designs.

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    DIY Acorn Tea Set

    Have you ever looked at an acorn and wondered what you could make out of it? I think this very thought a lot.  It's probably a very strange thing to think so often, but I wouldn't know how strange since I'm so used to me.  Let's get busy and make an acorn tea set. While we're at it, let's make some miniature chocolate cookies and set them on little leaf plates. Get out your acorns and your polymer clay.

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    Muggle & Magical Mushrooms

    There is are muggle mushrooms, then there are also magical mushrooms.  Learn how to make both types of toadstool mushrooms for your fairy garden.  If you don't have mushrooms in your fairy garden display, you're seriously slacking off. This tutorial is strong with nonsense, so I hope you'll check it out.

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    DIY Rocks & Clay Fairy Furniture

    This is a two part tutorial.  Here's Part 1...
    ...and here's Part 2...

    If only my house plant had a little fairy love seat, the fairies could tip-toe through the mossy brush and sit on the little seat, stare into each other's eyes, and fall in love. And so I envisioned fairy furniture featuring sculpted heads, a fairy man and a fairy woman, with closed eyes, one dreaming of the other.

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    Doll Makers Need Fashion History

    Why Fashion History for the Doll Maker?

    So I know what you're thinking "why all the focus on fashion history?  I'm a doll maker, not a costume seamstress!" (I captured that sentence from your thought bubble, that's how I know your thoughts. Creepy, right?).

    Because you've got to know a basic understanding of fashion history to know how to begin designing a dress for your fairy tale doll. Even if you plan to take artistic license while designing a dress, you'll be at the top of your creative game if you know when you're doing your own thing.

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    How to Paint a Doll's Face

    I made a little video for ya'll about how I go about painting faces for my dolls, and a little doll painting tutorial to go with it. I use genesis heat set paints since they dry when I want them too (that was always why I liked painting in oils years ago).  Hope you enjoy!

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    On Sculpting a Doll Head


    Doll Head Armature
    Doll Head Armature

    The Basics of Sculpting a Doll Head

    I like to start with a tin foil ball, basically the doll "brains", and then wrap a thin layer of clay on that and bake it. This creates a "skull", of sorts, which makes everything else easier. I put a new layer of clay over the baked ball, which you might call the "skin", and then I get to work sculpting.

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    What it Takes to Sculpt Hands in Clay

    Mermaid Bather
    Hands are so detailed.

    You've got 5 tentacley things with three bends in each, and a little dab of nail at the tips. These details create havoc for the sculptor. Especially for the dollhouse doll sculptor working in 1:12 scale.

    Squish it & Start Over

    Sometimes I can sculpt a good looking hand in 45 minutes, and sometimes, well, honestly, many times, it can take me 2 hours and, in the end, I just squish it and start all over.

    This is frustrating, but the artist knows that's just all part of the journey because you do end up getting it eventually.

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    What Does OOAK Mean on Etsy & Ebay?

    What does OOAK mean? Think snowflakes; similar but each so unique.
    OOAK snowflakes; similar but each so unique.

    What does OOAK mean? The acronym stands for "one-of-a-kind" and is often used when describing a handmade art doll that is so unique there is no other just like it. When I sculpt a doll, I know there is no other like it because I started from a lump of clay, and I sculpt until I am holding what I envisioned in my head.

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    The Little Mermaid's Sad Sisters

    The Little Mermaid's Sad Sister
    My sculpt of The Little Mermaid's sad sister

    There she is, a very sad mermaid.  Poor thing. She is so sad because her sister grew legs and frolicked about on dry land, of all places, love struck for some human she hardly met.

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    Dreaming of Dolls, Miniatures, and Fairy Tales

    Queen of Hearts Progress
    Progress on the Queen of Hearts

    I plan to write and illustratate three of my favorite fairy tales in a way children can better enjoy them.  So here are the three tales (drum roll please): Anderson's Thumbelina, The Little Mermaid, and, Alice in Wonderland.

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    How to Make Fairy Furniture from Twigs

    leafy benchLook over my shoulder in this video to quickly learn how to make fairy furniture from twigs. Below the video you will find a detailed supply list that I hope you find handy as you prepare to make your own little work of art.

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