Muggle & Magical Mushrooms

Toadstool mushroom art dollThere is are muggle mushrooms, then there are also magical mushrooms.  Learn how to make both types of toadstool mushrooms for your fairy garden.  If you don’t have mushrooms in your fairy garden display, you’re seriously slacking off.

This tutorial is strong with nonsense, so I hope you’ll check it out.


DIY Rocks & Clay Fairy Furniture


fairy garden benchIf only my house plant had a little fairy love seat, the fairies could tip-toe through the mossy brush and sit on the little seat, stare into each other’s eyes, and fall in love. And so I envisioned fairy furniture featuring sculpted heads, a fairy man and a fairy woman, with closed eyes, one dreaming of the other. (more…)

Doll Makers Need Fashion History

Elizabeth_I_Unknown_Artist_British_School_c__1600Doll makers need to know a little of a lot of different subjects.  We need to know how to sculpt our clay to make our dolls, of course, but we also need to know how to sew to make doll clothes.  But on top of that, we should know some fashion history so we can better our doll dress designs, especially if we’re making fairy tale dolls.

With that in mind, I hope you enjoy this little video I put together about the history of the hoop skirt.  This info is for doll makers, for sure, but anyone interested in fashion or history should get a kick out of it as well.



How to Paint a Doll’s Face

OOAK Teacup FairyI made a little video for ya’ll about how I go about painting faces for my dolls, and a little doll painting tutorial to go with it. I use genesis heat set paints since they dry when I want them too (that was always why I liked painting in oils years ago).  Hope you enjoy!


On Sculpting a Doll Head


Doll Head Armature

Doll Head Armature

The Basics of Sculpting a Doll Head

I like to start with a tin foil ball, basically the doll “brains”, and then wrap a thin layer of clay on that and bake it. This creates a “skull”, of sorts, which makes everything else easier. I put a new layer of clay over the baked ball, which you might call the “skin”, and then I get to work sculpting.


What Does OOAK Mean on Etsy & Ebay?

What does OOAK mean? Think snowflakes; similar but each so unique.

OOAK snowflakes; similar but each so unique.

What does OOAK mean? The acronym stands for “one-of-a-kind” and is often used when describing a handmade art doll that is so unique there is no other just like it. When I sculpt a doll, I know there is no other like it because I started from a lump of clay, and I sculpt until I am holding what I envisioned in my head. (more…)

My Weekly Distracted Art Diary

Well, I decided I’m going to write weekly on this here ‘lil blog and its going to be my art diary.  You’re going to get the nitty gritty artist life here.  The daily art grind: the distractions, the distortions, the ding batty ideas, and maybe some where between all that you’ll find something of value, something you’re looking for. (more…)

The Little Mermaid’s Sad Sisters

The Little Mermaid's Sad Sister

My sculpt of The Little Mermaid’s sad sister

Sad sisters

Sketch of the mermaids coming up from the water.

There she is, a very sad mermaid.  Poor thing. She is so sad because her sister grew legs and frolicked about on dry land, of all places, love struck for some human she hardly met. (more…)