The Little Mermaid’s Sad Sisters

The Little Mermaid's Sad Sister

My sculpt of The Little Mermaid’s sad sister

Sad sisters

Sketch of the mermaids coming up from the water.

There she is, a very sad mermaid.  Poor thing. She is so sad because her sister grew legs and frolicked about on dry land, of all places, love struck for some human she hardly met.

This is my sketch of the sisters coming up from the water, beckoning the little mermaid back to the sea.  This is a work in progress, the final piece will be done in sculpted dolls and encaustic painting.  I wanted a feel for the composition and a bit of the colors.  So far I’ve gotten one mermaid sister sculpted.

Mermaid sketch

Sketch close up

“Then her sisters came up on the waves, and gazed at her mournfully, wringing their white hands. She beckoned to them, and smiled, and wanted to tell them how happy and well off she was; but the cabin-boy approached, and when her sisters dived down he thought it was only the foam of the sea which he saw.” – from Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid




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