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Doll Face Painting Process Recap

I start with a baked head (see the Doll Portrait series) if you’re thinking, “I know how to bake a potato, but not sure about a head”.

That was dark humor.

And I add the first layer of paint.

Layer 1: Vein Blue (#1 in the Bountiful Baby system)

Bake. I preheat my oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (121 C) utilizing a separate oven thermometer ensure precision. Bake in a preheated oven for about 10 or 15 minutes. If you put the head in a cold oven, once the oven reaches the desired temperature, leave it there for a few minutes longer. I usually do the latter.

Layer 2: Warm Blush (#3 in the Bountiful Baby system)


Layer 3: Baby Skin (#2 in the Bountiful Baby system)


Layer 4: White Genesis Heat Set Paint

After I have the skin tone just the way I want it, I paint the eyeballs white, and I may want to add just a few more highlights on the face with the baby skin color again.


Final Layer 5: Brow Brown (#6 in the Bountiful Baby system) & Black Genesis Heat Set Paint

I used the brow brown for the eye lashes, the eye brows, and the irises. I used the black paint for the pupils. You might want to paint on the irises, bake it, and then paint on the pupils, which is what I do when I’m painting pupils onto lighter colored irises.

Final Bake

Doll Painting Supply List

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Genesis Heat Set Paints, Bountiful Baby Premixed Kit

I think I’ve already talked about this stuff to death. One thing I didn’t mention is that these jars are small but this paint goes a very long way. One jar lasts forever… you can make many a doll with this set, even though each jar has only 1/5 ounce of paint.



White Genesis Heat Set Paint

This is a big 1 ounce jar. I like having more white than I need, not sure why. I guess because I often paint leggings on my dolls using white first, then I make stripes or dots in another color, so I end up going through white a little quicker than other colors. Whether you buy a 1 ounce jar, or a smaller jar, you should be aware white is not in the premixed kit shown above, and you’ll need it for painting the eyes at least.


Black Genesis Heat Set Paint

Again, the premixed kit doesn’t come with black, and black can come in handy, especially when it comes to painting the pupils of the eyes. If you want to skip buying the black you could always darken the pupils with a couple coats of the brow brown that comes with the premixed kit. Again, this is the 1 ounce jar, which will look massive compared to the 1/5 ounce jars that the premixed paint comes in.


Speedball Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner

Yes, it’s odorless. No, it’s not non toxic. Read the label when you get it because you’ll want to take similar precautions as you would for other solvents. You know, open a window, don’t drink it, don’t bathe in it, don’t dip your cookies in it, etc.

Also, the 8 ounce bottle is kinda small. I certainly recommend the 8 oz to try it out, but if you want to use it to clean your brushes as well, you may want a bigger bottle.


Small Paint Brushes

I have yet to discover the perfect paintbrushes for painting small doll faces. These are pretty OK. There’re fine, they work.  I just really feel like the perfect set of miniature brushes is out there some where and we just haven’t met yet. Oh, when we do meet, that will be a glorious day. I will declare my love on the roof tops and there will be great rejoicing.

So, for now, I will reluctantly recommend the Virtuoso Detail Paint Brush Set as a pretty OK buy.


Rubber Tipped Tool (Shh, it’s a dental tool)

I am linking to the one with lots of refills because the tip will get lazy after awhile, and it’s not that much more for 6 refills. This is also a very handy tool for sculpting. I use this tool all the time.


If I missed a supply or a tool, please let me know, I’d appreciate it. I think that’s all though. Happy doll face painting!

with love, Caroline

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Printable Materials & Supply List

Genesis Heat Set Paints, Bountiful Baby Premixed Kit

White Genesis Heat Set Paint

Black Genesis Heat Set Paint

~ Speedball Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner

Small Paint Brushes

Rubber Tipped Tool