DIY Mermaid Art Doll


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These sets are going to last you a long time.  There is just no reason to purchase the larger bottles until you know you like the paint. I purchase OOAK doll supplies from MoreZMore on eBay, and I’m a very satisfied customer.  She is an artist herself and has a fantastic art doll blog with tons of rich info.

MoreZMore offers a trial size of the glazing gel medium, if you prefer a smaller size. A little goes a long way, assuming you can avoid the temptation to dip your brush right into the jar (best practice would be to put a little on a plate so you can keep the jar clean).  Genesis Thinning Medium would also work.

I have not tried this push mold myself.  As mentioned in the video, I much prefer to hand sculpt.  I took some time to look, though, and this one looked nice & had good Amazon reviews.

  • Polished Hardwood Modeling Tool, #263 & #264If you haven’t tried sculpting with a well made polished hardwood tool, you really need to.  I use #263 all the time; I think of it as my essential tool that I couldn’t live without.  I use # 263 the most, and I also like #264.

Ideally you will want large plastic medicine cups, but I found those very difficult to locate. I ended up using the small plastic medicine cups and just mixing up a lot of batches.

OOAK Mermaid Bather

DIY Mermaid Art Doll Outline & Time Stamps

Part 1

1:00 This project is for both beginning and advanced sculptors
1:25 Sculpting the Head
1:56 Check every angle
2:09 Poking and prodding
2:27 Bake
2:28 Sand
2:34 Shaping back of the head
2:43 Sculpting the ears, then bake again
2:47 Separate tutorial on painting the face
2:55 How to Use a Push Mold
3:11 First, dust with cornstarch & tap out
3:15 Shape clay with a point for the nose
3:20 Push until clay starts to spill out
3:26 Push molds have a learning curve
3:36 Insert ball of tin foil with layer of baked clay
3:45 Give it personality with sculpting tools
3:58 Sculpting the Hands
4:00 Remember hands are optional for this project
4:16 First step, get into the right mood
4:33 Use a high quality clay brand.
4:40 I use ProSculpt
4:46 Start with a rough shape like this & cut out five fingers
4:58 Gently apply twisting pressure, focus on lower part of fingers
5:18 Use tool to gradually round out area between fingers
5:52 Twilight Zone stage
5:58 Cut fingers down to proper size
6:14 Shape tips of fingers
6:29 Shape lower part of the hand and wrist
6:45 Use tool to define veins and other details
6:52 Chill your doll hand when you take a break
7:07 Next tutorial will cover everything else
7:27 Share with your fishy friends

Part 2:

0:52 Sculpting the Mermaid Body & the Tail
0:54 Mermaid armature
1:18 Adding clay & sculpting body
2:07 Sculpting the chest
2:29 Bake
2:35 Sand
2:40 Blush the body
2:50 Paint the tail
2:52 Bake to set the paint
2:58 Wrap tail in translucent polymer clay
3:14 Add the fluke (fin at the end of the tail)
3:39 Add the scales & texture the fluke
3:53 Attaching the Hands and the Head
3:55 Refrigerate the hands
4:03 Attach the hands, smooth out, & refine
4:32 Attach the head
4:56 Bake
5:02 Sand
5:08 Blush the hands and the neck
5:15 Decorate the Tail
5:21 Paint so darker at end, if desired
5:29 Bake to set paint
5:32 Add Angelina fibers to fluke
5:38 Apply gloss on tail with glitter
5:49 Apply shaved glass glitter
5:58 Hair, Crown, Sea Shell Bra
6:02 Tibetan Lamb Fur & Fabri-fix
6:07 Cut off little plugs of hair & glue straight onto head
6:12 Start at lower part of head & work to top
6:20 Top of head instructions
7:06 Final gluing around hairline
7:13 Detailing the Eyes
7:15 Cut faux eye lashes to various lengths
7:27 Apply each lash, one by one
7:47 Apply gloss to eyes, lips, and finger nails
7:53 Fabri-fix for crown and sea shell bra
8:05 Add the Resin
8:07 Fill holes in shell with polymer clay & bake shell
8:13 Mix resin according to package directions
8:19 Half bury mermaid in mini shells or mix sand & glue mixture
8:35 Fill half way, wait 4 hours, add star fish, fill again
8:57 Acknowledgement

with love, Caroline