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Free Lessons on Sculpting a Mermaid

Make a Mermaid that Comes to Life! I can’t wait to give you guys the first 8 lessons about how to sculpt the face, from start to finish, for free. And, after signing up for my newsletter, you will have access to 2 more  free lessons, How to Make the Armature and How to Sculpt the Belly, for a total of […]

Working Miniature Lantern

Working Miniature Lantern

On the corner of Chive Ave and Daisy Lane, where the chives do not blossom, and the daisies do not dance, there’s an old street light that tells the tale of the wayward bunny witch. This story, and the projects that go with it, will be continued. In Part 1, I go over how to […]

Miniature Basket Weaving

Her second greatest love was basket weaving (her first love was blueberries). How can she possibly find room in her heart for a cicada prince? The drama is intense in this little fairytale, and, (big bonus), you can also learn how to weave a miniature basket! Enjoy!

How Many Hours Does it Take to Make an Art Doll?

Question: How many hours does it take to make one doll? What if someone asked you to make 10 of them and happy to pay you? Would you make each doll individually or are there ways to use one doll as a master mold and multiply somehow?  Question is from a YouTuber going by the name Super […]

Miniature Polymer Clay S'mores for Fairies

Miniature Polymer Clay S’mores

There were three of them. Two beautiful sisters, and their grandpa. I kid you not, they were roasting marshmallows and eating S’mores. Since you’ve always wanted to learn how to make miniature polymer clay S’mores for fairies, I made this tutorial just for you (and everyone else).

Pumpkin soup garden scene

Miniature Pumpkin Soup

Welcome the fall season with miniature pumpkin spice soup ladled into an acorn top bowl.  Can you think of a better way to celebrate the harvest?  Watch the tutorial to learn how to make pumpkin, the soup, the bowls, the stools, and the miniature chalkboard menu. 

fairy doll ear

DIY Fairy Art Doll

I almost stepped on a fairy in the forest today. Shh… secret here… I actually sculpted her out of polymer clay, and it was great fun.  I show you exactly how to sculpt the head of this fairy, and I’ve listed my tools here, so you can try it for yourself.   

fairy wings from insect wings

DIY Fairy Wings for Dolls or Jewelry

If you’ve ever found a dead cicada on a nature walk, and wondered what to do with it, I’ve got the answer for you.  Make fairy wings of course! (I have a feeling you knew I was going to say that). But you don’t need a dead insect. For those who are squeamish, or if you just don’t have a dead cicada or dragonfly, use transparency print out of insect wings.

DIY Mermaid Art Doll

DIY Mermaid Art Doll

I found a little mermaid in a sea shell on the beach!  (Ok, not really, but that’d be pretty cool).  If you’d like to try making your own mermaid art doll, but you’re not sure where to start, you really need to watch this tutorial series.  This project is for both beginning and advanced doll making students.  There are a few hacks you can do to make the project easier than it looks, and I go over these hacks in the video.