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Miniature Pumpkin Soup

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Pumpkin soup garden sceneWelcome the fall season with miniature pumpkin spice soup ladled into an acorn top bowl.  Can you think of a better way to celebrate the harvest?  Watch the tutorial to learn how to make pumpkin, the soup, the bowls, the stools, and the miniature chalkboard menu.  (more…)

DIY Fairy Art Doll

fairy art dollI almost stepped on a fairy in the forest today. Shh… secret here… I actually sculpted her out of polymer clay, and it was great fun.  I show you exactly how to sculpt the head of this fairy, and I’ve listed my tools here, so you can try it for yourself.    (more…)

DIY Fairy Wings for Dolls or Jewelry

fairy wings from insect wingsIf you’ve ever found a dead cicada on a nature walk, and wondered what to do with it, I’ve got the answer for you.  Make fairy wings of course! (I have a feeling you knew I was going to say that). But you don’t need a dead insect. For those who are squeamish, or if you just don’t have a dead cicada or dragonfly, use transparency print out of insect wings. (more…)

DIY Mermaid Art Doll

Mermaid in a shellI found a little mermaid in a sea shell on the beach!  (Ok, not really, but that’d be pretty cool).  If you’d like to try making your own mermaid art doll, but you’re not sure where to start, you really need to watch this tutorial series.  This project is for both beginning and advanced doll making students.  There are a few hacks you can do to make the project easier than it looks, and I go over these hacks in the video. (more…)

Miniature Topiary for a Fairy

periwinkle's topiary tutorialEvery fairy needs a topiary tree in a magical miniature pot. Periwinkle had a topiary garden that she tended every day. Her best friend was an eccentric topiary pot named Mr. Stone (this is sounding like a strange dream). Learn how to make magical topiary trees in polymer clay pots that look like stone by watching my latest tutorial. (more…)

DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

fairy garden ground coverIn this week’s video tutorial, I take you on a fairy garden tour from the fairy’s perspective.  I introduce you to my favorite fairy garden plants, I touch on how to make your own fairy garden accessories, and to finish, I go over how to make a fairy garden.


How to Make a Fairy Door

Fairy Door for a Fairy Garden Of all the trees in the enchanted field, there was one that was more magical than most.  Have you ever wanted to make a fairy door for a tree in the garden?  This video tutorial explains how to make a fairy door with natural materials and polymer clay.  Enjoy!


DIY Stone Fairy Necklace

stone fairy necklaceIf you’re inspired by nature and you love the feel of clay in your hands, you’ll want to check out this polymer clay fairy necklace video tutorial.  Use the techniques explained in the video for all kinds of different faux stone polymer clay jewelry designs.


DIY Acorn Tea Set

acorn tea setHave you ever looked at an acorn and wondered what you could make out of it? I think this very thought a lot.  It’s probably a very strange thing to think so often, but I wouldn’t know how strange since I’m so used to me.  Let’s get busy and make an acorn tea set. While we’re at it, let’s make some miniature chocolate cookies and set them on little leaf plates. Get out your acorns and your polymer clay.    (more…)

Polymer Clay Fairy House

polymer clay fairy houseI found a lonely candle holder at a thrift store and I had a teapot without a lid, so it made perfect sense to combine them with a little glue and, voila, the beginning of a fairy garden. Then I made a fairy house out of polymer clay to fit into my teapot without a lid.  I made a little video about how I made the polymer clay fairy house and I listed the supplies below. Hope you like! 🙂