two of my kids

Hanging out with two of my four awesome kiddos.

I’m a wife and a mother and I have yet to outgrow dolls & dollhouses.  Every doll has a story to tell.  Look into the eyes of a doll, or wander the rooms of a dollhouse, and listen for their stories.  I sculpt, paint, sew, saw, and glue to create wee little folk and wee little things.

The mediums I have used through the years have changed, but art has always been a constant.  When I discovered sculpting in polymer clay, I stopped wandering, and just stayed.

Transforming the lump of raw clay into the vision from my head is very satisfying, and I find the process relaxing. I create in the morning, there is nothing more inspiring than a cup of coffee and an early morning. My daughter, bless her heart, got me a coffee mug for Christmas that says “Stay up late…make stuff.” So now you know I like to “make stuff” at just about any time, be it morning, day, or night!

Where do I prioritize my time online? Here’s my social media list that should help you find a convenient way of getting to know me better. I’d absolutely love to connect with you. 

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Mermaid art doll